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Türkisches Fest
On the twelfth day of Christmas, jodamiller sent to me...
Twelve mome raths drumming
Eleven quantum physics geocaching
Ten star wars a-voting
Nine cats biking
Eight thunderstorms a-bowling
Seven maps a-cooking
Six cardinals a-non-smoking
Five bo-o-o-ottle rockets
Four vorpal swords
Three slithy toves
Two barenaked ladies
...and a missouri in a chemistry.

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Potato and Cheese

Triple Nerd

jabberwocky house show
I got to try out an accordion for the first time.

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Fish fry.
National Eagle Center.

Well-balanced weekend.


Wheat Penny
My permanent account is really paying for itself these days.

11 Wins in 2011 for the 11th Championship

"That's A Winner!"

2011 World Series Champions!


We all went to the county fair this past weekend. Free admission, free parking, lots of animals to show Oriana, ice cream & pie; what's not to like?

Well, the animals are what's not to like, Oriana might say. She was a bit frightened by them. She liked the rabbits as we have two of those ourselves. She'd point to them as we walked by. The chickens were mainly ok. The braying of a sheep made her jump a bit and grab a hold of my leg. Pigs were interesting, but not for long. Cows were fine since they were just lying around not moving. The horses in the demonstration show were far enough away that she was just fine with them. She even clapped when the audience did.

Pied de papa


Important development today. Oriana's big and strong enough to sit on my foot and hold onto my leg as I walk. However, she only uses her arms and not her legs to hold on, so her butt scoots off. We'll work on that.

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Last night there was a tea tasting at the teahouse from 6-8 p.m. Since Oriana was born I've not had much free time to do things of interest to me (including exercise which is why I've gained back 8 of the 40 pounds I've lost in the past three years). Jessica has her skating, so she said that I should go to the tasting.

After I got home from work at 5:15 p.m. I was holding Oriana and while looking at her being so quiet and interested in me, I felt that it was selfish of me to go out for two hours. At the same time I knew that I need to have some time to myself every now and then and I ended up going, but it wasn't easy to leave.


Load Capacity

Yesterday, as I was driving home from work between towns, a large truck hauling rubbish lost a piece of it along the road. A pipe, about three feet long and bent in two places fell off the left side into the opposite lane. Upon striking the ground it bounced up high, spinning, and carrying along under momentum from its recently departed hauling bed.

After about five bounces it came to rest on a section of road just before a slight ridge in such a location that traffic in the other lane would not see the pipe until almost upon it. Traffic was sparse at that particular moment, so I pulled off on the shoulder. Turning on my hazard lights, I sprinted back to the pipe and picking it up, I gave it a side armed flick into the ditch on my side of the road. Hand slightly dirtied by rust and dirt, I got back into my car and left before any other motorists came by.


Food Wood Water

Last weekend was one of the more event-filled ones since Oriana came along.

Friday we went for dinner at Paul's. Paul is a former UWEC French professor who is filling in this year for Jessica's part-time fall semester and in the spring to make up for an unexpected retirement. He's renting a giant house with a swimming pool that boarders campus right behind the building that contains the foreign languages department. The house has been for sale for a while and they're renting it for the time being. I helped them unload their moving truck and they were having a dinner for those than lent a hand.

Paul is French and the evening had a very relaxed European dinner feel. We arrived a bit past 7 and there were appetizers and wine in the lounge until nearly 8. Then we moved to the dinning table and the first course was crab-stuffed avocado. The main course was a delicious bœuf bourguignon, much better than the recipe Jessica and I use, on whipped potatoes. A salad course followed, then the cheese was served. At this point it was nearly 9:30 and Oriana had been sleeping the entire time, so we had to go, but got a tarte tatin dessert to go. It was all delicious and we were there for almost as much time as I'd spent helping them move in a few weeks earlier.

I spent Saturday at the 1st Habitat for Humanity kubb tournament. I wasn't going to enter as I didn't feel that my partner from the national tournament, Doug, wanted to play more in the fall. Additionally, Jessica is home with Oriana by herself most of the week and it's important for me to be there on weekends as much as I can. But Eric, kubb master of the Midwest, was looking for a partner. This was my big chance to have a shot at a 1st place finish. I asked Jessica if it was ok with her if I played and she was supportive, so I told Eric I was in.

The tournament wasn't large, just a dozen teams, but half of the teams were very good and the ones that continuously find themselves in the semifinals. We started with round-robin play. We beat the first team, a duo of high school kids, easily. The second team was a tough match, a constant high finisher. We won the first game and they easily beat us in the second. They had us backing into a metaphorical corner in the third game, but we came back hard and won the set 2-1. Right now I can't remember the third team we beat, but we beat them.

The bracket play in the afternoon started against newbies yet again. They weren't bad, but Eric and I had just too much experience for them to keep up. Our semifinals match was against the dark horse team. They were new, but beat the defending national champions 2-0 in the round robin. They weren't bad, we could tell they were probably bowlers or horseshoe players or softball players. However, they lacked some polish in areas and we beat them 2-0. We had a long wait for the other matches to finish up and Eric and I just took it easy. It was a pleasant day. In the 50s, but very dry and sunny and I ended up with a red nose and neck. Jessica stopped by with Oriana coming back from the farmers market during the midday break and showed up during my wait for the finals match and she stuck around until it was over.

The finals match was against the defending champions from the 1st Annual National tournament in July. One of the members even had his medal on that day. They were tough and would often knock down more field kubb than I thought they could. But Eric and I compliment each other. He can get the 8-meter shots and land our field kubb very close and I can really bowl down four or five kubb with just three sticks. We were able to prevail 2-0 and win. My best shot of the day was my last. There was one field kubb about 3 meters ahead of a baseline kubb and I knocked down both on one throw. This left Eric just one baseline and the king with three sticks; he only needed two. Afterward Eric pointed out our dominance in that we didn't leave any field kubb standing all day long. That's remarkable for a team to do that all day long.

Sunday was a big first for Oriana. Jessica and I took her to the campus swimming pool. We didn't want to go for long, just to introduce her to the concept. We'd gotten swimming shorts for her. Secret: they just keep in poo, not pee. But baby pee is harmless! We thought that one of us should stay out and the other go in, so I stayed in regular clothes and just rolled up my pants while Jessica got in and then I handed Oriana down to her. Oriana looked around and checked stuff out and was generally fine with everything, but didn't' like being outside of Jessica's arms. The only problem was that after about five minutes she started to shiver. The UWEC pool is chilly, so this can be a problem. The YMCA pool if warmer, but not free for us as the university pool is. But Jessica really wants to swim with Oriana, so we'll check it out.

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